Ear Lobe £15 Both £25
Rim £20
Rook £20
Daith £20
Tragus £20
Anti Tragus £20
Inner pinner £20
Snug £20
Nostril £20
Eyebrow £20
Labret/Madonna/Medusa/Monroe £25
Lip Frenum ( Smiley) £25
Scaffold/Industrial £30
Navel £30
Tongue £30
Nipple £30 Both £50
Spider bite/Snake bite £40

Yuri Magoori  has completed a professional piercing course at UK Official Tattoo Academy and started his career as a piercer in 2017.
Yuri is also trained as first aider.
Focus, confidentiality and approachability sets a high standard in his work and makes his service highly successful.
 Our studio holds a Special Treatments Licence approved by Cambridge
City Council for body piercing and tattoos.You must be 16 or over to get
a body piercing. You will need photo ID to prove this. All needles and
jewellery used for your piercing are used once only! One time only
needles are singular, pre-packed and disposable. The jewellery used is
titanium in compliance with the EU Nickel directive and is entirely sterile
before use.

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